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Q: which kind of payment mode do we accept?

A: For now we take COC "Cash on collection, Visa credit card and Master credit card, Western Union and PayPal! We prefer Western Union and PayPal.

Q: I just paid for my order. Now what?

A: You will receive a confirmation email from us telling you that we have received your order. When your order ships, you will receive an email confirming shipment to the same email address you used when placing your order. This email will contain instructions on how to track your order. Note that it may take up to one business day for your information to be posted on the carrier's website, if you can’t get the shipping information from the carrier website operated in the ways as our advised, you could track it again in the next working day.

Q: What's a MTCN?

A: This is only relevant for customers who pay using Western Union. A MTCN is a Money Transfer Control Number. This is the number that Western Union will give you once you have sent money to us. This number needs to be sent to us so that we can pick up your payment. Without the MTCN, we cannot get the money for your shoes.

Q: How many days could I get my shoes?

A:The shipping time is 3-7 work days by USPS/DHL from the time when the shipping information post on the carrier’s official website. But please remember we need 24 hours to prepare your order! And we will do our best to consolidate orders into the fewest number of shipments so that you are charged the least amount possible for duties and taxes.

Q: When do i get my order Tracking Number?

A: 1.You will receive an email about tracking number in 2-3days. 2.Sometimes tracking information may come up in 2-3 days to get your tracking number We appreciate your understanding.

Q: I am having a hard time checking out. Can you help me?

A: We are sorry to hear you are not able to place an order. If you are unable to complete the checkout process, our system will give you an error message. We find that most customers are entering a shipping address that is not the billing address associated with their credit card. Please verify that the information you are entering matches what your bank has on file.

Q: Where do these shoes come from?

A: The shoes come mainly from our bought stock in Paris, France. We sometimes procure from other stockiest in Europe and Asia.

Q: Could I exchange or receive refund if I am not satisfied with my order?

A: In our store we take 30 days exchange if your shoes has manufacturing defect. If you are not satisfied with your order and you want to process a refund, please contact us FIRST and we will figure a solution or do full refund right away! DO NOT SEND ITEM BACK WITHOUT CONTACTING US FIRST.

Q: Why was my order canceled?

A: There are various reasons for an order being canceled. However, we will notify you in the event that your order cannot be fulfilled along with the reason. Please note: we do reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order, for any reason, at our sole discretion.